module As_build_env

: sig

Build environment.

The build environment (which can be an human) discovers available features.

type t

The type for build environments.

val create : ?features:(As_features.atom * bool) list -> ?flags:As_flags.t -> ?build_dir:string -> unit -> t
  • build_dir is the location of the generated files. None means the files stays in the same directory.
val default : t

Default project configuration.

val flags : t -> As_flags.t

Return the global comand-line flags.

val build_dir : t -> string

Return the directory where build artifacts are generated.

val enable : t -> As_features.atom list -> bool

Check if the given set of flags are all enabled.

val features : t -> (As_features.atom * bool) list

Return a list of feature with the values they are set to.

val term : As_features.Set.t -> t Cmdliner.Term.t

term fs is a command line for features fs resulting in an environement value.