module Cudf_conf

: sig
type stanza_typedecl = (string * Cudf_types.typedecl) list

Mapping (in the form of associative list) from stanza postmarks to type declarations.

Keys in the map are usually only those prescribed by the CUDF specification, namely "preamble", "package", and "request". Values in the map are type declarations for each supported property of that stanza; usually they only represent core property schemata (see CUDF ยง2.2.3).

Global configuration
val stanza_typedecl : stanza_typedecl

Default stanza types for parsing CUDF documents.

For what concerns package stanzas, available types can be extended by using "property" declaration in the preamble stanza.

Direct access to per-stanza type declaration
val preamble_typedecl : Cudf_types.typedecl

Preamble schemata

val package_typedecl : Cudf_types.typedecl

Package description schemata

I.e. type declarataion for all core package properties

val request_typedecl : Cudf_types.typedecl

Request schemata