module Lwt_lib

: sig

Cooperative unix system calls

This module transform non-cooperative functions of the standard library into cooperative ones by launching them into system threads.

Indeed, lots of functions of the Unix modules, corresponding to functions of the standard C library may take times to complete. For example gethostbyname may use DNS resolution, users informations may be stored in a ldap database, ...

Since these functions are implemented (in the standard C library) using blocking IOs, if you use them directly, you program may hang.

val getaddrinfo : string -> string -> Unix.getaddrinfo_option list -> Unix.addr_info list Lwt.t

Cooperative getaddrinfo with cache (using Lwt_preemptive.detach)

val gethostbyname : string -> Unix.host_entry Lwt.t

Cooperative gethostbyname with cache (using Lwt_preemptive.detach)

val getnameinfo : Unix.sockaddr -> Unix.getnameinfo_option list -> Unix.name_info Lwt.t

Cooperative getnameinfo with cache (using Lwt_preemptive.detach)