module BaseEnvLight

: sig

Read-only access to 'setup.data'

This module defines the minimal set of functions to access data contained in 'setup.data'. It allows to build third party OCaml script, without embedding hundreeds line of code.

Author Sylvain Le Gall
module MapString : Map.S with type key = string
type t = string MapString.t
val default_filename : string

Environment default file

val load : ?allow_empty:bool -> ?filename:string -> unit -> t

Load environment.

val var_expand : string -> t -> string

Expand a variable, replacing $(X) by variable X recursively.

val var_get : string -> t -> string

Get a variable that evaluate expression that can be found in it (see Buffer.add_substitute).

val var_choose : 'a OASISExpr.choices -> t -> 'a

Choose a value among conditional expressions.