module Netsys_oothr_mt

: sig

Object-oriented thread API

Makes the most important multi-threading primitives available using object types. These are the essential definitions.

exception Thread_val of Thread.t
exception Mutex_val of Mutex.t
exception Condition_val of Condition.t

These exceptions are returned by the repr method of the objects

val mtthread : Thread.t -> Netsys_oothr.thread

Create a thread object for a thread

val mtmutex : Mutex.t -> Netsys_oothr.mutex

Create a mutex object for a mutex

val mtcondition : Condition.t -> Netsys_oothr.condition

Create a condition object for a condition

val mtprovider : unit -> Netsys_oothr.mtprovider

Create a provider object

/ *

val init : unit -> unit