module OpamConfigCommand

: sig

Configuration commands

val env : csh:bool -> sexp:bool -> fish:bool -> inplace_path:bool -> unit

Display the current environment. Booleans csh, sexp and fish set an alternative output (unspecified if more than one is true, sh-style by default). inplace_path changes how the PATH variable is updated when there is already an opam entry: either at the same rank, or pushed in front.

val list : OpamTypes.name list -> unit

Display the content of all available variables

val variable : OpamTypes.full_variable -> unit

Display the content of a given variable

val subst : OpamTypes.basename list -> unit

Substitute files

val setup : OpamTypes.user_config option -> OpamTypes.global_config option -> unit

Update the global and user configuration to use OPAM.

val setup_list : OpamTypes.shell -> OpamTypes.filename -> unit

Display the global and user configuration for OPAM.

val exec : inplace_path:bool -> string list -> unit

Execute a command in a subshell