module LTerm_edit

: sig

Text edition

type action =
# | Zed of Zed_edit.action
(*A zed action.*)
# | Start_macro
(*Start a new macro.*)
# | Stop_macro
(*Ends the current macro.*)
# | Cancel_macro
(*Cancel the current macro.*)
# | Play_macro
(*Play the last recorded macro.*)
# | Insert_macro_counter
(*Insert the current value of the macro counter.*)
# | Set_macro_counter
(*Sets the value of the macro counter.*)
# | Add_macro_counter
(*Adds a value to the macro counter.*)
val bindings : action list Zed_input.Make(LTerm_key).t Pervasives.ref

Bindings. These bindings are used by [root:LTerm_read_line] and by edition widgets.

val bind : LTerm_key.t list -> action list -> unit

bind seq actions associates actions to the given sequence.

val unbind : LTerm_key.t list -> unit

unbind seq unbinds seq.

val actions : (action * string) list

List of actions with their names, except Zed.

val doc_of_action : action -> string

doc_of_action action returns a short description of the action.

val action_of_name : string -> action

action_of_name str converts the given action name into an action. Action name are the same as variants name but lowercased and with '_' replaced by '-'. It raises Not_found if the name does not correspond to an action. It also recognizes zed actions.

val name_of_action : action -> string

name_of_action act returns the name of the given action.

val clipboard : Zed_edit.clipboard

The global clipboard.

val macro : action Zed_macro.t

The global macro recorder.

class edit : ?clipboard:Zed_edit.clipboard option -> ?macro:action Zed_macro.t option -> unit ->
inherit LTerm_widget.t
method engine : edit Zed_edit.t

The edition engine used by this widget.

method cursor : Zed_cursor.t

The cursor used by this widget.

method context : edit Zed_edit.context

The context for editing the engine.

method clipboard : Zed_edit.clipboard

The clipboard used by the edition engine.

method macro : action Zed_macro.t

The macro recorder.

method text : string

Shorthand for Zed_rope.to_string (Zed_edit.text edit#engine).

method editable : int -> int -> bool

The editable function of the engine.

method match_word : Zed_rope.t -> int -> int option

The match word function of the engine.

method locale : string option

The locale used by the engine.

method set_locale : string option -> unit

Class of edition widgets. If no clipboard is provided, then the global one is used.