module Svg_f

: sig

Typesafe constructors for SVG documents (Functorial interface)

This module defines basic data types for data, attributes and element occuring in SVG documents. It is based on the specification available at http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/.

This module is experimental, it may lack of some attributes, and the interface is very low level and do not take deeply into account the needs of SVG elements.

module Make : functor (Xml : Xml_sigs.T) -> Svg_sigs.Make(Xml).T with type +'a elt = Xml.elt and type +'a attrib = Xml.attrib
module MakeWrapped : functor (W : Xml_wrap.T) -> functor (Xml : Xml_sigs.Wrapped with type 'a wrap = 'a W.t and type 'a list_wrap = 'a W.tlist) -> Svg_sigs.MakeWrapped(W)(Xml).T with type +'a elt = Xml.elt and type +'a attrib = Xml.attrib

Like the Svg_f.Make functor, but allows to wrap elements inside a monad described by Xml_wrap.T. See the functorial interface documentation for more details.